shoe store therapy

After a long day of work, I can hardly wait to jump on the metro and head straight to my favorite place to unwind—the pearly gates of the biggest shoe store around.  The aisle upon aisle of endless variations of sky-high stilettos and shiny leather boots is true chicken soup for my weary end-of-day spirit; no purchase necessary.  Athletic shoe shopping, on the other hand, is slightly less therapeutic.  After a care-free morning spent with friends downtown at Eastern Market, perusing local craftmanship and sampling the breakfast specialties, I headed over to Dick’s Sporting Goods.  My rugged and worn-out running shoes were in dire need of replacement, but much to my chagrin, I discovered that most brands do not create the same style athletic shoe in multiple colors.  When I picked out a style I liked, I found that the arch support was insufficient.  When I was finally satisfied with the comfort level, it came at the expense of an attractive exterior.  After an hour of pacing the store in mismatched running shoes (and a wrap-dress—nice), I came to a few conclusions:

1.  My feet and Nike are sadly incompatible.

2.  The athletic shoe market has not yet realized the impracticality of wearing white on the only body parts that regularly touch the ground.

3.  When it comes to engaging in an activity intended to benefit your body in the long-term, comfort and support definitely outrank aesthetics.

4.  I will continue frequenting DSW to make my day—sorry Dick’s!



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