cut footloose

As I attempted a “weekend recovery” nap yesterday in front of the TV, I found myself dozing in and out of two subsequent showings of Footloose, which definitely ranks among my favorites.  Who couldn’t love an adolescent Kevin Bacon saying “jump back!” and playing chicken in a tractor?  Or the amazing 80s dance moves illuminated by headlights at an abandoned mill.  Not to mention a very country (and adorable) Sarah Jessica Parker well before the on-screen sophistication of Carrie Bradshaw.  My favorite character in the movie, though, is leading lady Ariel Moore, played by Lori Singer.  She is complex, damaged, reckless, and altogether spell-binding with her luminous eyes and sultry speech.  (According to, Singer beat out Madonna for the part—not bad.)  Ariel’s gruff bad-girl mannerisms lend her a unique appeal, right down to her wardrobe.  Frankly, even among recent trends, I’ve never seen anyone make high-waisted jeans look so good.  And while I have always had misgivings about leather jackets with fringe, she makes cowgirl chic a veritable option.  So if you’re starting to feel a little footloose, here are some comparable and more contemporary selections.

Compare these high-waisted skinny jeans—Cassette on the left ($275), Forever 21 on the right ($32.80).

I absolutely love these leather fringe jackets by Acne:


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