the world is flat (or should be)

So it’s like this.  I am a sucker for heels, and despite the fact that I already wear them a minimum of 40 hours a week, I am always looking for an excuse to slip them on after-hours as well.  Thanks to my Skopje clubbing days (or should I say nights) back in high school, I have mastered the art of tromping around town in every style of stiletto imaginable.  Uneven sidewalks?  No problem.  Can’t find a taxi?  I’ll walk.  Gravel?  Incline?  Mud?  You name it…my heels have successfully elevated my posture over it.  I’ve even been known to run. 

So you can imagine my concern when a friend showed me this Washington Post article revealing the physical repercussions of wearing high heels on a regular basis.  In short, the unnatural position of the leg shortens calf-muscle fibers, causing the Achilles tendon to compensate by thickening and stiffening.  This hampers the tendon’s ability to store and release elastic energy, which, in turn, can affect the leg’s athletic performance.  The solution?  Heel-wearers can continue to strut their stuff, but should stretch their calves at least twice a day and, whenever possible, opt for flats.  I have yet to encounter a pair of flats as supremely beautiful and architecturally striking as heels, but the search is on.  The advent of fall necessitates something beyond the summer sandal, and these picks are utterly tempting, even for me!

1 – Scantlen by Aldo

2 – Amanda by American Apparel

3 – Kilt and Knot by Anthropologie

4 – Summer Rosebud by J. Crew

5 – Twinkle Ballet flats by J. Crew

6 – Lace-up Wing Tips by Marc Jacobs

7 – Gladerina by Anthropologie

8 – Unnamed by Marc Jacobs

9 – Naples by Michael Kors

10 – Stardom by Steve Madden


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