clutch & grab

I am seriously starting to pay the price for the ridiculously large bags I carry on my shoulder every day and the myriad of items contained therein.  Sure, you never know when your hands will feel dry & you’ll wish you had a tube of lotion, or when you’ll take an impromptu convertible ride and find that your hair, which now resembles a haystack, is in dire need of that travel size hairbrush.  From sunglasses to Tide to-go pens, compacts to daily planners, my purse carries it all.  And while it’s handy for riding the metro or spontaneous day trips, my leather-clad home-office / life-planning-and-maintenance apparatus really doesn’t need to accompany me EVERYWHERE.  I’m starting to look for versatile, practical alternatives that won’t send me to the chiropractor…and these might be just what the doctor ordered.

1 – Hobo International snap wallet- $78

2 – Bottega Veneta clutch – $269

3 – Yves Saint Laurent spiral patent leather clutch ( – $395

PS–I absolutely adore this one!  Who doesn’t love a reason to write in a spiral notebook?  With this clutch, you can have that feeling every time you reach for your lip gloss.  Very Lois Lane.

4 – J. Crew Sequin Minaudière clutch – $128

5 – Emilio Pucci silk satin handbag with plexi bracelet (  – $690

6 – Miu Miu studded leather clutch ( – $750


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