from the streets of new york/milano

Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to get out of your own brain and far from your own closet.  In the eternal search for real-life inspiration, the Sartorialist’s stunning images of street-level chic living rejuvenate my hope in daily glamour and casual style for all!  I have selected a few of this documentarist’s freshest and most breathable scenes:

I must admit, I never would have thought to pair a satin pant with a denim jacket.  And can we talk about the fuchsia sling-back stilletos?  From her sleek ponytail to the structured leather bag, this young woman pulls everything together seamlessly with a cool-colored scarf.

This couple perfectly embodies tasteful efficiency.  I love the belted strapless floral piece (which she is daring enough to wear at moped speed) and tan lace-up oxfords, not to mention his sky-blue TOMS and rolled khakis.  “Practical” and “aesthetic” were clearly meant to be together.

Army green + wonderfully feminine lace — an unexpected twist!


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