watch swatch

Back in the dark days of my adolescence when I had braces, I developed an important mantra that I strive to maintain to this day.  In short, if you absolutely MUST do something, do it big.  And bright.  And all the way.  So, unlike my sister who only ever wore clear bands in the hope that no one would notice there was metal glued to the front of her mouth, I consistently chose the brightest bands I could find for my oral adornment.  Even my orthodontist was taken aback.  In that same spirit, if time must fly, why not mark its inevitable passage with cheerful hues and stylish settings?

1. Marc Ecko Prez Watch – $4,000 – talk about bling with 1,454 Swarovski crystals! Limited edition silver and gold; sold only at select David Morris Stores at Selfidges London, Birmingham, and Manchester in the UK.

2. Triwa watches, in Pretty Pink Chrono and Violet Dandy ($145 each) – what’s not to love about these bold hues? I support this Swedish brand’s mission to treat a watch as less of a time-piece and more of an accessory.

3. Only made available in Switzerland in April 2010, this limited edition Glashütte Original 18 karat rose gold Pocket Watch No. 1 is a stunning specimen of a by-gone trend that I am all for re-popularizing! No set price for the vintage model – auction only.

4. and 6. More Triwa! In Aqua Libre ($145), Coral Flamingo ($195), and Brazil Dandy ($145).

5. Michael Kors Horn Bezel Watch ($195) – I am seriously drooling over this wristwatch, from the ivory face to the mother-of-pearl center and crystal accents.

7. Michael Kors Hamilton Double-Wrap Watch with luggage leather ($170) – it comes as no surprise to me that this charming timepiece is already back-ordered. I love the lock detail and golden hardware. Michael Kors, why are you such a genius?


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