It is a well-known fact (I think) that Vogue Italia, the least commercial of all editions of Vogue, is the top fashion magazine in the world.  Unfortunately, from across the pond it’s been difficult to get my hands on it—globalized internet to the rescue!  My meager year of Italian is of little help, but the  interactive website caters to the spatial-visual and is available in English here!  In search of inspiration, I perused the (web)pages for elements worthy of replication and—les voilà.  Er, presto.

From London Fashion Week: whispy neutral cotton dress; GORGEOUS silk jacquard blazer, gold pendant, structured leather handbag, black polish.  Great sense of lines and shapes.

From Milan Fashion Week: leggy lace skirt (or dress…hard to tell), nude layers of contrasting textures, classic tan handbag with quilting, chunky silver link watch, jewelled ring, scarlet polish.  I love the nod to timeless basics!

From London Fashion Week: bold lipcolor, geometric sleeve trim—what a fun twist on the LBD.

From Milan Fashion Week: I don’t even know where to begin.  These white leather platformed heels, teetering on an upright hand grenade, are beyond fantastic.  (And I am always appreciative of someone who snubs the “no white after Labor Day” position.)  Leopard patterned leggings in vibrant green, orange, black and tan. A+.


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