vision test

I’m not one of those people who buys spectacles in an effort to be nerdy hip (…I can only assume that’s the rationale).  The sad truth is, without corrective lenses, I am blind as a bat, and with or without them, I am a nerd.  But hey, it’s our quirks that make us who we are, and thank heaven “uniquely you” is always hip.


Juicy Couture leather braid headband

Sydney Love glasses

Charlotte Russe Lurex sleeveless sweater

The Limited denim leggings

Under One Sky embossed crossbody slouch bag

Sperry snakeskin boat shoes

Thrifted bracelets


4 thoughts on “vision test

    • Oh I did that! I wish all websites sent you things to try on before making the purchase! Be forewarned though–the fake glass in the trial pairs are magnifying, so your eyes might look oddly huge.

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