making the comeback

Alright, fashion is cyclical. That’s why the woman whose kids I used to babysit took one look at my geometric print tee-shirt and told me she wished she had kept her 90s tops, because whadaya know but they’re back in!  It’s the reason my second cousin pointed out on Thanksgiving last year that my red jumper was “straight out of the 1960s.” It’s also the reason a lot of us have been / still are unwilling to accept the reappearance of leg-warmers and belly shirts (because some wounds are just too fresh…)  But this weekend, I was delighted when my friend busted out some amazingly nostalgic and seriously chic white leather stiletto boots that her mother rocked thirty-some years ago (photos to come, I promise).

Although it can get a little annoying when our elders dubiously eye our outfits and squawk over how trendy they’d be if they never cleaned out their closets, or how it’s only a matter of time before shoulder pads reappear (which they have), I think re-emergence is exciting.  No revived piece is ever worn exactly the way it’s ancestors were, and the mix of old and new lends depth and a sense of history to what we wear.  Never have time and textile been so charmingly intertwined, and, when used appropriately, the results are as unpredictable as they are flattering.  So I have been feeling encouraged to roll out my thrift-store white canvas Keds—with wonderfully comfortable arch support—that probably cost me all of $3 and deliver an effect that is somewhere between Mischa Barton sponsorship and The (pseudo-)Breakfast Club.

Lower photos from and


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