the work in progress

I recently found this remnant of an unfinished art project, dating back to the fabulous days of ART210 – Two Dimensional Design.  I don’t plan on finishing it…as I recall, the assignment was something along the lines of combining forms in unexpected ways through black and white collage.  But it made me reflective.

I sort of feel like there’s a story here that I’m not telling.  I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want this blog to be, and where it came from, and maybe even where it’s going.  I think I have concluded that there is so much to be learned and I’m up for the journey, but I want to be intentional.  The time has come for me to link to other blogs, slowly but surely.  Initially I was resisting going that direction, because I don’t want this to ever become about fitting into pre-established boxes or materialism or playing dress up in someone else’s style.  For me, it’s really a lesson in inspiration and art and some sort of twisted unity in the world that makes beauty worth searching for.  But at this point, it would be dishonest and probably a little hoard-ish of me not to offer visible and real web-based (is that an oxymoron?) credit to other bloggers, artists, and photographers who have inspired and encouraged me.  So, here are a few established policies:

  • I will stop when/if this becomes a chore.
  • I will only link to blogs I enjoy reading on a regular basis.
  • I am ok with the fact that I have no concrete plan for the future of my blog, other than writing (because I love to write) and using it as a platform for various obsessions and interests.  Just a few ideas.

Phew. That was cathartic—stay tuned for developments!


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