skopjanka’s best dressed

After perusing a number of existing “2010 Best Dressed” lists, I was slightly disappointed by multiple outfits that somehow made the cut, and had to remind myself that “best” is often a relative word.  So, what follows is *my* celebrity best-dressed list from 2010.  Let me know what you think—I won’t be upset if you disagree!

Sarah Jessica Parker in Halston (May) — between the shimmery sheen and the intricate pleats, this dress is absolutely stunning. I love the hairpiece and how she managed to match her makeup to the nude tones of the outfit.

Georgie May Jagger in Vivienne Westwood dress, Biba heels, Kerry Stanley headpiece & Givenchy bag (November) — this satin gown looks like fall leaves made into evening wear.  From the pockets to the aysmmetrical hemline, the subtle torso peek-a-boos to the luxuriously draped neckline, I can’t help but believe that even trying this dress on is an adventure.

Dalia Oberlander in Oscar de la Renta dress and VBH clutch (November) — I love how this gown transitions from lace to sheer to opaque and back.  This silhouette is breath-takingly elegant enough to steal the show; the man next to the dress is afforded less attention than the handbag!

Blake Lively in Marchesa dress & Christian Louboutin heels (September) — this fully-beaded strapless tribal dress puts a fun spin on “cocktail,” and is certainly memorable!

Elisa Sednaoui in Chanel (October) — so we all know I have a thing for fur vests, but this combination of textures is incredible.  I am seriously drooling over the winter-white & gray wool jumper (further proof that “best dressed” lists are extremely biased)!

Jessica Biel (June) — I have no idea who did this romper, but I must say, it is the classiest take on “onesie” I have yet to see!  Don’t get me wrong, I adore the one-stop-to-fully-dressed trend, but I assumed it would get stuck in the summer season—not so.  This simple navy romper would look great paired with a gray brass-buttoned cardigan for day-wear or a black blazer for the office.

Caroline Sieber in Isabel Marant dress & Chanel boots (October) — the thigh-high boots of my dreams?? Check.  This sweater-dress is simple enough to pair easily with a glitzy headband, and the charcoal boots are, well…words fail me.

Thank you Vogue for the photos!


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