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Wow, MAJOR Thanksgiving vacation on my end!!  Two days of festivities in a row, sister home from college, Black Friday midnight shopping (or elbowing/jabbing/fighting…whatever), and baking have kept me quite busy. Hope yours was awesome & full of recognition for the amazing gifts & blessings that surround us.

To be honest, I don’t have anything much to say today. I’ve been sort of preoccupied with looking for art in different places, and came across some sweet sources of inspiration that you’ll be doing yourself a favor to check out!

(1) Blogger, artist & freelancer Promise Tangeman. Her blog is full of ideas, links and platforms for fellow design & fashion junkies. Accolades include “Best Faith & Arts Blog” and “2009 Collide Readers Choice Award.” Pretty much my new favorite virtual place.

(2) Nerd Boyfriend–because artsy blogs need not be restricted to females! For guys also in search of [fill in the blank], you will love this masculine pop-culture photo chronicle.

(3) I don’t live too far from Old Town Alexandria, and yet somehow, I have never visited (in the flesh) The Hive at 1511! This charming joint venture features Suann of SIMPLESONG design stationary & printing, photographer Kate Headley, and Maria & Kelly of Ritzy Bee Events. I only wish I had a skill set that could persuade them to let me join!

So—have a look. Get inspired. Come back for more next time :)


One thought on “in search of

  1. I think “The Hive at Five” just opened rather recently – I walk past it everyday! I’ve always sort of wondered what it was. Thanks for enlightening me :)

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