winter wedding whimsy

This past weekend, I attended a gorgeous winter wedding for a very dear friend, and watching her creative ideas come together for a beautiful event got me thinking about all the benefits of chilly season nuptuals!  Summer is great for short and strapless gowns and outdoor venues, but there is a tangible and whimsical charm in a winter wedding!  Here are some fun things perfect for the season.

1.  Fur. 

Let’s face it, a bride can’t get away with this any other time of year!  Classy and elegant as a stole or as trim on the dress.

2. Ubiquitous candlelight.

Candles are a given any time of year, but they lend a special warmth and coziness during the coldest months.

3. Icy blues & steeley grays.

Shades like these that really work well anytime deliver a particular sharpness when they match the snowy sky!

4. White boots.

Definitely unacceptable in the summer.  Perfect for some sass under the hem and practical for an outdoor photo shoot.

5. Ornaments as decorations.

Sorry—December only! With churches and reception venues decked out in their holiday best, from ornament bulbs to Christmas trees to holly trim, your budget gets a big boost.

6. Alternative bouquets.

Although there are many gorgeous flowers in bloom in the winter, I adore the idea of a non-traditional bouquet, like one made entirely out of brooches!  For some reason, this seems more a propos for the winter, but it’s a fun twist all year long.

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One thought on “winter wedding whimsy

  1. Jules, Rosa Clara is one of my top favorite wedding dress designers! I’m so glad you posted those shoes! A very interesting and fun post might I add too.

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