snow shoes

IT’S SNOWING!! And even though I’m no longer in school, somehow the sight of that beautiful wintery precipitation makes me believe—for a brief child-like moment of soaring hopes—that I will get to go home early.  Not so.  But with the relentless (and early-dismissal-less) day job comes the income to afford cute shoes to wear in the snow!  Sadly, my budget cannot accommodate any of my picks below, but hey, snowfall justifies indulging in day-dreams.

This boot is perfect for winter.  It’s the lovechild of your warmest wool tights and stable heels. Thigh-high platform boots by Opening Ceremony – $670

What could be cozier than lace-up fur?! Thakoon sheepskin booties – $717.50

Winter-green quilting AND tread in classic riding-boot form. Tory Burch Rowan quilted boots – $495

This studded stiletto makes me think of a bomber jacket in shoe form.  Very Amelia Earhart. Dolce Vita Hawk lace-up clog booties with shearling cuff – $265

As for snow days and the possession of (beautiful) exorbitant shoes—dream on!


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