one step to styled

I learned an important lesson this week—the key to successful alarm clock snoozing is a collection of ready-to-wear onesies. Stop picturing furry zip-up footies and let me explain. Oh, and also banish mental images of man-repelling drop-crotch shapeless denim rompers (no no no, dear, those will never save you).

Here’s what I mean. More than once over the past week, I regretted my decision to turn off my alarm when it resulted in a rushed morning and no time to piece together a decent outfit for the office. (If the agency where I work wasn’t already known for being a sartorial snooze-fest, this might have even jeopardized my career.) And there’s nothing worse than tugging at your ensemble all day because the blouse you paired with that pencil skirt doesn’t tuck in well. Or being forced to cover all reflective surfaces upon realizing that you mixed white and off-white. The horror.

So, I have determined to use this President’s Day Weekend and it’s accompanying sales to beef up on tasteful one- or two-piece complete ensembles that require very little thought or time in the morning. Separates are fun for mixing & matching or layering, but c’mon, who wakes up in time to do that AND eat the most important meal of the day? Every girls needs that 5-star outfit she can throw on while unconscious, and BAM, it’s one step to a well-dressed unconscious girl. She can wake up on the metro.

Skopjanka Picks:

Wool Striped Pants Suit by Dolce & Gabbana

Trella Dress by Diane von Furstenberg

Drop-Waisted Sheath Dress by Lela Rose

Kabilla B Dress by Theory


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