splurge or spare

Pricetags—the shopper’s worst nightmare.  How many times have my lofty dreams of assembling that perfect boho-chic ensemble been foiled by REALITY printed in black ink numerals?  And let’s be honest, even if I could spare $600 for the darling Camilla Skovgaard wedges, could I really wear them without tripping over my dragging conscience?  Sure, the splurge gives you a temporary adrenaline high—wondering if you’ll make rent or be out on the street.  Maybe the Sartorialist will give you bonus points for “street style” that’s homeless.  OR OR OR…you can aim for sparing your pennies and—believe it or not—still look fabulous!  This is a fun game :)

Budget Buster Suspect No. 1:

Chrissie Morris Claudia Alpaca Fur Bootie in Black – $1,560 (ding ding ding)

Sparing Alternatives:

Dolce Vita Tatum Platform Booties with Fur Trim – $242 $169.40

Dollhouse Arlene Boot$65 – I am seriously doing a little drooling on my keyboard right now.

Sam Edelman Shalin Faux Fur Boots $200 $100

Dollhouse Wolfry Boot $59.95

Mission Possible!  Now go forth, little savers, and dare to spare.


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