georgetown flea market

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((Nina Ricci sunglasses via Gilt; H&M chambray shirt; Banana Republic cardigan; Free People necklace; Fossil boyfriend watch; J. Crew skirt; Juicy Couture crossbody bag; White Mountain ankle boots))

This weekend truly felt like spring in our nation’s capital, and I was more than ready to be out and about!  My fiancé & I took advantage of the bright sunshine with an afternoon trip to Georgetown Flea Market.  Due to some instructional sabotage on the part of our GPS (which provided us with an undesired tour of the GW Parkway), we arrived just twenty minutes before it was scheduled to close, and I expected to find all the booths packing up.  Instead, our timing reinforced that essential and timeless law of flea market bargaining: the later it is, the lower the price.

((Vintage bracelets for $3 each))

((Assorted buttons for a wedding DIY project))

((Amazing vintage birdcage I scored for 55% of the asking price--I'm a happy bargain-hunter))


9 thoughts on “georgetown flea market

  1. Oh my goodness! I have ALWAYS wanted to go to this, but never had anyone to go with (plus, it’s Sunday, right?). Can I tag along sometime? :)

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