obligatory spring

((Tildon cardigan; Charlotte Russe sequin tank; Express belt; J. Crew pencil skirt; Tahari heels; H&M earrings; Fossil watch; vintage bracelet; Zij bag))

Today is the first day of spring! (Cliché, I know, but when an entire industry relies so heavily on the whims of the weather, it would hardly do to ignore the advent of such a versatile season.) The climate was perfect–a breeze and bright sunshine, which inspired this vibrant ensemble. And so it is with great care and circumspection that I herald the new season with an outfit post. It is just so easy to get outfit posts wrong, and I don’t want to give the impression that I think I am a model–I am 5.4″ and very un-model-like. I would like to offer up the disclaimer that the focus is not on me and my un-model-ness, but on the outfit that looks more alive with a body inside it than laid out somewhere for a dull photo. So, bring out your brightest colors in full force to rival spring’s hues, and definitely mix in some sequins when you get the chance!


9 thoughts on “obligatory spring

  1. I absolutely was in love with this outfit yesterday!! Those colors I just would never have thought to put together but they work so well on you :) Loved this post!

  2. Aww Juls you look absolutely adorable!
    Just the right dose of color to put me back into Spring mood -considering it is snowing here in Jersey! :)

    Love you!!!

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