to the max

1. Haute Hippie Silk Phillips Skirt – $365

2. Forever21 Lace Maxi Skirt – $19.80

3. Rag & Bone Desert Long Skirt – $450

4. Urban Outfitters Pins & Needles Chiffon Maxi Skirt – $54

I have been eyeing the maxi skirt with great caution over the past year, discreetly slipping one on every now and then in store dressing rooms and scrutinizing its effect on my proportions. While I love the way these full length skirts swish around long legs, I am in the average-tending-towards-short height range and want to be careful to avoid visually chopping my body in half. However, I am seriously considering a shift in policy for one of the skirts featured here, which I can’t wait to pair with a half-tucked silk blouse or a loose scoop-necked tee. I think the trick to succesfully pulling this piece off lies in the fabric and the pattern. In my quest for the “it” maxi skirt, I’ll be sticking to neutral colors, whispy fabrics, narrow pleats, and avoiding tiers like the plague.


7 thoughts on “to the max

  1. Julia! I love that you have a blog and that I found it! I just added it to my google reader and can’t wait to catch up on each other’s lives through blogging. BTW-I’ve been reading cupcakes and cashmere for quite a while now; so glad you’re a fan too! :)

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