blending in

((Zara blazer; H&M dress; The Limited & vintage necklaces; vintage belt & bracelet; Fossil watch; Chinese Laundry boots))

I spent a good portion of the day today in Georgetown with my dear Lola. I love this part of town because of its energy and the ease with which its modernity overlaps with the lingering history. I love the bustling crowds decked out in their trendiest, and between the noise of the traffic and the din of the shoppers, it’s so wonderfully easy to blend into the backdrop. Even in my brightest purple, I was just a prop in the downtown scene, and I found the blur somehow serene. All I could think about while riding the metro on Friday was how lovely it would be to disappear into the background like a chameleon. No one eyeing my oversized purse with annoyance at the space it occupied on the crowded car. No obnoxious seat-mates wanting to get chatty about their weekend plans. Just a bored daydreamer gazing hazily into the air, completely unnoticed. That sounded peaceful.


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