leather love

This weekend Lola & I had the privilege of attending Diamantina Designs’ trunk show in Georgetown, and let me just say, it was a challenge not to drool all over the merchandise–a definite no-no on any item you haven’t purchased (hence the popular “you-drool-on-it, you-buy-it” policy), but particularly catastrophic when leather is involved.

The showroom attached to Polished Salon was the perfect venue for the line’s spring/summer collection debut, with moody spotlights and open surfaces for optimal display. But what really made the show such a smashing success was the enthusiasm and charm of Diamantina partner Claudia Diamantine and D.C. business developer CaSaundra James. These sweet ladies took the time to show us every piece in the collection, from the python embossed/suede/leather exterior to the bright pink lining, and Claudia was even so indulgent as to model a belt for us! CaSaundra quickly noticed my obsession with leopard print, and was kind enough to send over some studio shots of the pattern on preferred styles.

My favorite pieces in the collection include the brightly-colored oversized clutches (I really hate being limited to a stick of gum and a business card, which is all my current clutch really accommodates) with metal link chain straps, suede purses with tasteful fringe and tassles, the large cow-hide Jacky bag (pictured below), and structured satchels in buttery leather that I could never keep my hands off.

I really can’t recommend this brand enough, and I will certainly keep you apprised of any future shows they might be hosting in the area! Until then, I will have to make frequent trips to local boutiques that carry their products–which, for me, will be much like a visit to the petting zoo. And, from the privacy of your own home, feel free to drool to your heart’s content over the items pictured on their website: www.diamantina.net.

I assure you that I don’t offer this level of whole-hearted sponsorship/over-the-top gushing to just anyone–only those brands and designers that truly embody the Skopjanka spirit, so, without further ado…the Examiner write-up.


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