the prom dress project

Alright ladies–if you’re anything like me, you suffered through homecoming (somehow managing to avoid the slimiest of the males), did it big for prom (coaxing, pleading with, and finally mandating your feet to remain in those heels from 6pm to 8am; who knows what kind of damage we did to our arches), and dutifully bought the bridesmaid dress to all your best ladies’ weddings. Good for you. Now as prom season approaches, engage in a little spring cleaning and empower more women to learn the same lessons you did (namely: limos are overpriced, having a date is overrated, and some of those photos will be great blackmail material one day). Fellow DC bloggers Elizabeth of So Much to Smile About and Janice of The Capitol Fashionista are re-purposing your gently worn dresses for a great cause!

And I’m excited to report that MTV Style liked the trench–head over to their website to see me in all my khaki glory & the other featured bloggers!


4 thoughts on “the prom dress project

  1. Oh, man! I just consigned my old prom dresses a few months ago! (It was hard to part with them, let me tell you!) I wish I still had them–I would have loved to donate them!

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