the real deal

So, remember when I was virtual-window-shopping and pitifully gazing, lovestruck and stupid, at this Rag & Bone skirt? I kept coming back for more, even when it broke my heart again and again with its pretentious pricetag. Finally, I realized that things would never work out between us. It never says hey or remembers my name…and it’s probably cuz it thinks it’s cooler than me. Enter Mikkat Market, my knight in shining armor, with savings of $406. Can your skirt do that?

But our romance wasn’t that simple. It, too, played with my heart. I had the last skirt in my size  saved to my shopping cart when some ruthless and unscrupulous bargain hunter SNATCHED IT OUT. Who does that?? I don’t take stuff out of people’s carts at the mall! WHY SHOULD THE INTERNET BE ANY DIFFERENT? Naturally, I was devastated. I checked the website obsessively for several weeks to see if someone would make a return, and I had all but given up hope when the lovely people at Mikkat Market decided to bring it back. I’m pretty sure there were tears streaming down my face as I hit “finalize purchase.” So now I just have to wait for it to arrive in the mail…and although it’s tough, I think this whole “long distance” thing might be really good for us.


One thought on “the real deal

  1. Oh gorgeous skirt! I hate when that happens while doing online shopping. I know some retailers give you 15 minutes or so but still, I hate it. I am glad you were able to snag it on your size and I cannot wait to see it in one of your OOTD.

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