((Express dress // The Gap scarf // Steve Madden Oxford wedges // MANGO ring // Zij bag))

Everyone needs an encourager. Someone to remind them about the blessings in their life, to pat them on the back when they’ve done a good job, and to tell them the cold hard truth. My most recent episode with said Encourager occurred this very weekend. Below is the abridged transcript; names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Me: I just did a very bad thing. Stopped at DSW on my way home and now the proud owner of three beautiful pairs of heels. All three for under $100! So good yet so bad…

Encourager: Ummm…the only part that’s bad is that I wasn’t with you. They were on sale. It’s a holiday weekend. Clearly you needed them. You’re welcome. Now go flaunt those heels.

I mean, could she BE any more reassuring?? Some say “enabler;” I say “friend.” She’s such a pro. AND my former babysitter. (I bet you weren’t expecting that one.) The best part? My parents no longer have to pay her cash to hang out with me. It’s more of a gift card/store credit sort of thing. And in case this conversation excerpt is not enough to convince you of her qualifications, consider the facts that:

1)      All photo credits from this post go to her.

2)      She has an incredible blog called Vibrant Grace (on which she just blogged the sweetest post) that you are going to visit now. I know I said I would protect the innocent, but, well, I can’t be expected to protect people forever.

P.S. Yes, these Memorial Day Sale wedges are one third of my weekend shoe purchases, marked down to just $22.



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