Rent the Runway – input needed!

Stylish ladies – I am calling on you for assistance! I’m researching an article for my DC Examiner column on the topic of Rent the Runway, a service that allows you to rent high-fashion for 90% off the purchase pricetag. Delivered to your door, it includes over 100 top designers, 12,000 dresses and over 2,500 accessories.

Now that we’ve established what RTR is, I need to know how you feel about it! I would love your feedback in whatever manner is easiest for you–as a comment here, on my Facebook page, or in my email. Include your first name, your city, whether or not I have permission to quote you, and a URL to your blog (if you have one), which I will link to in the published article if I quote you.


  • Would you consider using their service in the future?
  • Does the concept appeal to you, or would you rather spend 90% more if it means you get to keep the dress?


  • What events or types of events did you get the dress for? (I.e., wedding, fancy date, fundraiser, networking event, opera, etc.)
  • Once you receive it & wear it, do you fall in love with it & wish you could keep it, or are you glad to send it back?
  • Have you ever rented the other items they have available, such as jewelry or handbags?
  • What made you want to use the service? (Didn’t have anything appropriate & didn’t want to purchase? Don’t have time to browse at the mall versus online? Would rather wear a memorable dress just once?)
  • As a customer, did you have a good experience? (Timely arrival, size chart accurate, etc.)
  • D.C. LOCALS: Do you know a lot of people in the area who use RTR?
  • D.C. LOCALS: Would you be as likely to need RTR if you didn’t live in the DC area? (I.e., are many of your formal events based on the fact that you live in a metropolitan area/U.S. capital? Are they political functions? Do you feel pressure to be dressier because you live in/near the city?)

That’s it! Thank you SO MUCH for any input you can provide! I will link to the article once it is published so you can see the fruit of your feedback!


3 thoughts on “Rent the Runway – input needed!

  1. I haven’t used RTR yet, but I would for the right occasion! I think for weddings or other special occasions where you don’t want to reuse an old dress, it’s a really great option to still look special without spending money on another dress you really won’t wear that often (as much as I like to tell myself I will, I rarely wear those special dresses enough to justify the price I pay…). Also, I had a friend use RTR and she totally recommends it, which is really encouraging.

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