hot hot heat

((H&M top & necklace; F21 skirt & bag; MRKT pumps; BP sunglasses; vintage bracelet))

I made the fatal error of underestimating the heat index this weekend and wound up with an IV on a cot between a wool-clad confederate soldier and a severely dehydrated woman in a hoop-skirt. Let’s just say the reenactment of the battle of Bull Run/Manassas may have had its own list of casualties. (ELECTROLYTES, PEOPLE.)  To be on the safe side, I confess that I have vowed to restrict my wardrobe to light dresses and miniskirts like this one — no hoops — until the climate agrees to be more reasonable. And while we’re on the topic of confessions…sincerest apologies to the EMT to whom I was perhaps unnecessarily sarcastic when he asked if the calico bonnet was mine. I blame the heat stroke.

((I love the scalloped edges & cut-out details! Also, I iron about as often as I attend Civil War reenactments — which, to date since my birth, is twice.))



4 thoughts on “hot hot heat

  1. a) you look adorable
    b) are you ok?! IV and everything?? geez louise!
    c) you’re writing is hysterical, as usual.

    love from belgium!!

  2. Thank you for the concern ladies! I am quite alright, if humbled by the realization that 8,000 reenactors in full wool garb fared much better than I in my shorts/tube top combo. Ah the good old days before mass-produced textiles…

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