leopard love

In preparation for my unpaid stint as a fashion businesswoman in Milan, I have put myself on a beyond-serious shopping hiatus and general spending freeze. This has proven to be quite difficult. In fact, I would liken my condition to that of a starving dieter on the verge of a frenzied binge at any moment. It’s gotten to the point where I actually have to leave my wallet at home if I think I might drive within a 5-mile radius of the mall. Fortunately, the nearest mall is 6 miles away so I can still cruise the neighborhood with my plastic.

I digress. In lieu of doing any actual shopping or ordering, I am throwing myself a proverbial bone & indulging in a bit of tasteful drooling. Assuming it is EVER in good taste to drool. Currently catching my eye is this pair of leopard shorts from Mikkat Market for just $35–darling with a billowy silk top or a tucked-in chambray. Or black sequins. And chunky heels…. Alright maybe this game wasn’t a good idea.


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