((H&M dress; vintage scarf; BP sunglasses; MRKT heels; Fossil watch; vintage necklace & bracelets))

It’s true that I ditched the matching denim belt to this wrap dress for its brighter silk scarf alternative. It’s also true that I was drawn to the whimsical shades and shapes of this mini-carousel that was designed to attract toddlers. It may additionally be true that I bullied several small children off the playground in order to make these stellar shots possible. But you can’t believe everything you hear.

And a gold star to anyone who can identify the error in syntax in this post! No prize, just bragging rights.


2 thoughts on “carousel

  1. You put “additionally” between “may” and “be” – gold star for me! BTW you look fabulous! And I love that your hair color is ever so slightly hombre, I’ve been trying to show my hair-stylist what I want so I think I’ll just show her some of your pics!

  2. Good work! I wish I could say the hair color was intentional, but it’s more the result of lighter highlights at the ends that haven’t grown out yet. I’m glad if it helps you in the salon :)

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