Despite the fact that last week marked my final day in the office, I have found myself a little stressed between all the packing up, moving out, and constant logistical preparations before heading to Milan at the end of the month. Therefore, I have decided to kick off the week by taking stock of a few things that keep me positive and excited for what’s to come! One surefire source of joy was Borders going-out-of-business (sad) SALE (happy). I am already a sucker for a bookstore; mark everything down and you’ve got yourself a temporary lift of the shopping hiatus.

((Studying is more fun with glossy new books and colorful photos))

((A bouquet of fresh flowers left over from a weekend dinner party))

((Recent additions to my growing stack of interior design & decorating magazines, 40% off))

((Cute & practical stationery purchased at a ridiculous discount))

((Nothing cheers the spirit like a trip to Pearmund Cellars vineyard & winery with friends))

I know it’s Monday, but I was reminded today that only my own negative attitude can really keep me from finding joy in my surroundings. So kick the start-of-week blues with a quick list of your current joymakers and I promise it will do you good.


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