long shadows

((The Limited top + belt; F21 skirt; MANGO blazer; Zigi Soho heels; Zij bag; H&M shades; Fossil watch; vintage bracelet))

I literally spent all of yesterday packing up my room, coated with a layer or two of ancient textbook dust. The process made me realize just how sentimental I am. I could hardly bear to throw away old ticket stubs, being convinced that I will one day use them for a DIY project, and I found myself forced to reminisce on simpler times. By the end of several hours of work, it was clear that I needed to get out of the house and off Memory Lane, so here’s what I wore to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants–a striped ensemble devoid of nostalgia–at least, for now! Recently I have found myself drawn to pairing stripes with stripes, united by a common color (like navy blue) and toned down with a neutral blazer and an understated beauty regimen.

And, in honor of yesterday’s seismic activity, it seemed only fitting to watch Volcano list night. I highly recommend it to all east coast 2011 earthquake participants.


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