settling in

Hello blogosphere!! I must confess that I have had reliable internet access since arriving in Milan four weeks ago. But I’ve been occupying myself with absorbing all that Italy has to offer, and truthfully, I’m not really sure how the current circumstances will change the nature of my blog. I suppose that remains to be seen.

So, for the sake of updating–I’ve completed my Italian language course and am now working in a fashion showroom specializing in sales to international clients. The company has three lines of its own and also sells the premier lines of several other designers, and we’re currently in the process of presenting the Spring/Summer 2012 collections.

I’m certainly learning a lot, despite the fact that most transactions take place either in Italian or Russian. I sort of feel like I walk into a fashion shrine every morning–the collections are gorgeous, in vibrant colors, sheer fabrics, and glittering details, all housed in a beautiful nineteenth century apartment building with vaulted ceilings, chandeliers, and gold-embossed crown molding. The grandiosity serves, I think, to romance the clients a bit–or maybe that’s just the endless home-made cappuccinos we serve them.

Milan Fashion Week is still going on, so the showroom is extremely busy. The city is full to bursting with models, and street-style photographers are snapping photos everywhere. It’s clear that Scott Schuman has been walking the streets but evidently I somehow missed him on Corso Como–a travesty given how often I go there. But for me it’s enough just to be here in this amazing city, stumbling through conversations in Italian, riding the vintage trams, and setting goals to get lost in new neighborhoods. I wish I could blog a feeling.

As for what’s to come next…subscribe on the right sidebar and you’ll know as soon as I do :)

A dopo!


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